What do persons in charge have to consider in danger management?

Danger management itself and the danger management systems keep challenging facility managers, IT managers and other people involved.
Most important are complex infrastructures, availability issues and lacking legal security. Read more about it below:

Complex Infrastructure

Many companies have built complex infrastructure over the years. The problem: The sytems don't mesh.

The variety of systems means a lot of training for employees and manual data transfer between the systems is often necessary.
In addition, urgently needed automation often cannot be implemented with the old systems. The existing systems no longer fit the needs of the company.

Availability issues

The operation of production facilities and other systems often depend on the danger management system. The problem: If there is a false alarm or the system fails, production can come to a standstill for several hours.

Under certain circumstances, your company may no longer be able to meet its delivery obligations. High costs arise and if this weren't enough - such situations also endanger customer relationships. Your system must be available at all times and function reliably. For cases like these we have our 24-hour service.

Lack of legal security

Your company's danger management is subject to different legal frameworks. The problem: Many people responsible are often not fully aware of the legal framework.

There are many standards that can provide legal security, but it is difficult to keep track. Changes in standards are often only noticed late and can result in danger management systems or components not providing sufficient legal security for the company.

NetCom is the competence leader for danger management

NetCom is the leader in danger management in both quality and innovation. We ensure overall systems that are legally secure and compliant with existing standards. Benefit from our know-how all around transmission equipment, alarm receiving equipment, control center software or danger management systems (software for control centers, measurement rooms and control rooms) and secure data transmission.

Expertise for four decades

Since 1982, NetCom has been assisting companies with issues related to danger management. Through our close, long-standing collaboration with our customers - such as various state police control centers and fire service control centers in big cities, an international airport, large chemical plants and retail chains - we have extensive specialist knowledge and an immense pool of experience which we will gladly refer to for you too.

Reliable legal security and standard security

We know all relevant standards and legal frameworks for your danger management. Our systems enable you to operate in a legally compliant manner and are certified accordingly. We implement changes to the standards at an early stage. Our participation in various working groups will always gain an advantage for you too. By the way: NetCom offers the first danger management system certified by VdS.


Depth of production with a lot of know-how

Thanks to our own production and development at the location in Mainz , we can react flexibly to customer requirements - also specifically for your company.
Our high level of depth of production at the location also enables us to continuously and innovatively develop our products. Our modular system includes all common transmission technologies and protocols from the past 40 years, so that we can integrate your legacy systems smoothly. If you use more exotic solutions, these will also be handled without any problems, because we can accommodate them quickly and easily in our modular system.


Customer references

Long-standing, satisfied customer relationships are proof of the reliability of our systems. You can see a small selection of our customers here.

Our procedure

1. Consultation

Our experts will be happy to provide you with detailed advice online or in a personal conversation. They offer you technical consulting to show you possible implementation options.

2. Analysis

After the initial consultation, your specific requirements will be analyzed on site and in personal discussions with you. Here we clarify with you, for example: which technologies are used, where possible problems are and what can be improved.

3. Solution concept

Together with you we work out solutions that are tailored precisely to your specific requirements. We will impress you with our high level of flexibility in solving possible problems. By automating processes in your danger management, we achieve sustainable cost reductions and minimize downtime.


4. Implementation

This is followed by the on-time implementation by our experienced technicians. The implementation takes place directly on your site.

5. Service

Our trained staff carries out regular maintenance and continuous updates at your site. In case of changes in your requirements, you will benefit from our consulting service and in the event of failures, we will support you by providing spare parts at short notice. You have access to technical advice via our service hotline, 24/7 if desired.

Training for your employees rounds off our range of services.

You can enjoy these advantages with NetCom

NetCom doesn't just offer you individual hardware components. We offer you a complete system for your danger management that is fully compatible, fully scalable at any time and flexible for all future requirements.

Superior danger management system

In the future, you will only have one system instead of several parallel systems. The advantages pay off: data is maintained in just one system. At the same time your employees only have one easy-to-use interface. By the way: We can customize the interface for you by embedding your logo and adapting it to your company colors.

Automated processes

Benefit from simplified processes. In the future, many things can be done through measures in the background, such as automatic sending of emails or SMS . Likewise, audit monitoring and addressing the API of other systems. In addition, the action plans can be individually adapted to the processes and procedures in your company. The action plans enable the automation of actions. So, for instance, a corresponding SMS message can be sent automatically.

Legally secure operation

We will provide you with a certified, legally secure and standard compliant system that meets all requirements. If there are any innovations or changes to the standards, we will provide you with the information that is important to you.

No interruption of the supply chain

Adequate danger management ensures the operation of your production. In the future, you will have no interruptions due to system failures caused by old systems or production stops due to false alarms. This means you can easily meet your delivery obligations.

24/7 Service

Of course, you can always reach us quickly with our service hotline during our opening hours. But our range of services does not end there: we are there for you at any time, even outside opening hours with the 24-hour service we offer to our customers if required.

NetCom - solutions for your danger management

With our solutions for alarm reception, our transmission devices, solutions for secure data transmission and our extensive service, we solve your individual danger management challenges. Find out more about our highly available systems!


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